“Lapinlahden Koneistus is a company where it’s nice to come to work. The employer can always be trusted, and we employees are cared for and also listened to. All the coworkers are nice, and we have a good team spirit.”

Machinists Niko Immonen and Jere Virtanen

Niko ja Jere

“Lapinlahden Koneistus is the best place I have worked at during my long work history. Firstly, the basics are there: wages get paid on time, the machines are modern and the work environment clean and functional. When a development project is underway, thoughts and ideas from the shop are taken into account and appreciated, which means that things actually get implemented. That benefits everyone, the machinists and customers alike. The work atmosphere is good, and it is nice to go to work at 6 AM. I have gathered that customers appreciate Lapinlahden Koneistus as well.”

Pekka Kuismin, machinist, employed since 2009

Pekka Kuismin

”Lapinlahden Koneistus Oy has been a reliable partner to Metallityö Vainio corporation for over ten years already. As a company that is easy to approach, eager to serve, and developing their operation to suit their customers’ needs, Lapinlahden Koneistus has been a fitting partner to support our growth as a reliable and cost-efficient supplier of machined small parts.”

Tommi Lähteinen, Metallityö Vainio Oy

Metallityö Vainio Oy

“We have been satisfied with the services of Lapinlahden Koneistus. Schedules and prices are as agreed. If there is even one day of deviation, they will inform you about it in advance. Confidence in their operation is high.”

Tomi Piironen, RAMMY Oy

Rammy Oy

“Lapinlahden Koneistus is a reliable supplier: they have a low PPM and excellent delivery reliability. Cooperation with them works well. They are flexible and understand the customer’s needs.”

MD, Ponsse Oyj