A strong part of something bigger

We are a reliable partner in part manufacturing. Our shared will to succeed is the key to a long-lasting partnership.

Among machine shops, Lapinlahden Koneistus stands out as a family company with a different way of doing things, strong roots, and clear, known strengths. We strive for improvement and innovation, finding new ways to work, and understanding our customers’ needs.

Our ideology manifests itself to our customers as smooth service and cost-efficiency.
Our vision is to improve together with our customers and partners. We constantly aim to become a more prominent machining expert that utilizes machine technology to its fullest extent and uses its know-how to gain and apply new information. This results in high-quality and common sense machining that utilizes digitality: complex products with the maximum efficiency.

We make sure that at the center of operation, there is always a person, because growth, know-how and high quality result from our customers’ and our staff’s development. The community at our shop encourages, appreciates, develops, and improves every day. The joy of work and active attitude at our shop is tangible: we are proud to be a part of something bigger through our customers.

Exceptionally warm family company

Lapinlahden Koneistus is a machine shop that makes its values come to life. We are constantly finding new and improved ways to operate and evolve for the benefit of our customers.

The roots of Lapinlahden Koneistus are deep in the industrial soil of Lapinlahti. You could almost call it a sapling that took root near its mother tree. It became independent and thrived, even though the biggest growth spurt happened during the bleak recession years in Finland.

The Roots

Lametal Oy, a property and road maintenance equipment manufacturer located in Lapinlahti, got new owners in 2003. Very soon they realized that outsourcing its machining would make sense for several different reasons. They wanted to keep the service closeby, so that the cooperation would be effortless. The solution was an experienced machinist who had the spark for entrepreneurship and who was already familiar with Lametal’s machinery. It just so happened that in March of 2005, Erkki, who had worked for Lametal for over 13 years, got a pivotal phone call.

First Steps

A new company was forming, and a name was needed. We decided to simply go with what best described who we are: A machine shop with hometown pride. Lapinlahden Koneistus (meaning ‘machining’) Oy was founded on June 20th 2005, and Erkki started as the CEO, but also as the only employee of his workshop. He left a secure job behind.

At the time, the economy was on an upswing which meant that the new entrepreneur had more work than he could manage by himself. Consequently, a new, 4,000-square foot workshop was built the next summer, and it had room for a few new machines. The machines needed operators, and gradually, instead of just one employee, there were five.

Our CEO did not spend much time sitting at his desk, and that was not an option for Mirja either, who joined the workforce in early 2007. A former artisan and management consultant with a bachelor’s degree in business administration found herself operating heavy machinery. Work was plentiful, and more was coming. In less than a year, the new workshop had become too small. It was time for another change.

Uphill Battles

The main principle of Lapinlahden Koneistus has always been that by yourself, you are nothing. From the get-go, we started weaving a smart network of experts from which we can find safety and support when our own knowhow is not quite enough. When the company started growing rapidly in 2007, we invested in machinery, hired new people, and made plans for a new workshop. All that would have been impossible to accomplish on our own.

Finnvera, ELY Center, Rautainen Savo, great expert consultants, and Viitostien Ykköstilat gave Lapinlahden Koneistus the necessary tools and courage to take the next step and move into a brand new workshop in January of 2008. The space was filled with new machines and motivated people. Life was good even though big investments also meant big debt. Then came November 2008. Work stopped flowing in, Finland went quiet.

Path Of Learning

They say every cloud has a silver lining. If the dramatic free fall had not happened, we would not have stopped to think. Now we had to. Once again, our support network proved to be priceless. Just as priceless, if not even more so, was our loyal work community. Piece by piece we developed our operation. We reflected on things that we were good at and things that needed improvement. The ship may have listed, but did not sink. Difficult years followed, but gradually the company still grew and evolved. Lapinlahden Koneistus had emerged from a one-man shop to be a serious partner for big companies that expect their suppliers to deliver reliably — both literally and figuratively.


Today, Lapinlahden Koneistus employs 17 people. The machinery has become more modern and part handling robots have been installed to lighten the workload. Work consists more and more of guiding and overseeing processes, and less and less of dirty shop work.

The company’s values are strong, and everyone’s day-to-day operation is based on them. The company has always been a family business in its most broad meaning: an essential part of that family is our workforce, which is by far the most important asset at all times.

The Litmanen family is going through a generational transition. Tuomas took over the CEO’s duties already in 2021, so that information could be transferred little by little and to make sure there’s enough time for discussing strategy. Erkki retired from his day job in September 2022 and now provides backup support in the management team. The next stage is Mirja’s retirement in autumn 2023, and the first steps have been taken on this path too. We are looking at a future full of possibilities.