Quality and reliability

With us, you buy quality, reliability, and peace of mind. Our company’s accountability, openness, and constant development serve your needs.

This is where our work begins

When our sales department receives an RFQ or an order, we start figuring things out. First we make sure that the product fits our technical capabilities so that we don’t promise the impossible. We find up-to-date prices for materials and post-processing, and use GibbsCAM to create the machining program. At this stage it may be necessary to have a further discussion with the customer so that we can reach the highest quality and cost efficiency from the beginning by, for example, utilizing automation.

From raw material to finished product

Our warehouse workers make sure that the raw material is of the right quality and the right size. The workpieces are then transferred to our expert machinists. All the necessary technical information has already been fed to the system, and the cooperation between machinists, material handling robots and modern machinery produces parts that meet our customers’ needs. Often the parts have such complex geometries that they require 5-axis machining and 3D measuring. After machining the parts are inspected, after which they may be sent for surface or heat treatment. These are handled by our trusted long-term partners.

Ready to go

When the products are finished, our warehouse workers verify their quantity and make sure that they are clean. Products are packed carefully, taking into account any special requirements the customer may have. Once the labels and shipping documents are in order, the products are sent to the customer. We strive to be punctual, but cooperation between humans and machines doesn’t always go as planned. If we think the delivery will be delayed for any reason, the customer will be informed immediately.

Why choose Lapinlahden Koneistus?


We will find the best solution

From the planning stage onward, our method knowledge is at your disposal: we will always find the best manufacturing solution for your product.


We price correctly

We price our work clearly and openly so that you know what you are paying for. We aim for reliability and benefitting the customer.


We deliver reliably

You get your shipment on time, according to your order, and finished. Packaging, markings, and documentation are taken care of precisely.

Asiakkaanamme saat kokoaikaisen kanavan uudelle tiedolle. Sinä tunnet tarpeesi ja tuotteesi käyttötarkoituksen; me puolestamme ymmärrämme koneistamisen viimeisimmät mahdollisuudet. Jatkuva uuden etsiminen ja tiedon hakeminen maailmalta on intohimomme, ja uudistettu konekantamme täyttää teknisesti vaativatkin toiveet.

Asiakasta hyödyttävä menetelmäkehitys on meillä jatkuvaa. Etsimme fiksumpia tapoja tehdä, jotta pystymme tehostamaan toimintaamme ja tarjoamaan laadukkaita tuotteita nopeasti ja varmasti.

Hinnoittelemme työmme selkeästi ja perustellusti, jotta tiedät, mistä maksat. Toimintamme on luotettavaa ja asiakkaan etua hakevaa.

Saat toimituksesi ajallaan, tilauksen mukaisesti ja viimeisteltynä. Pakkaus, pakkausmerkinnät ja dokumentit hoidetaan säntillisesti.


Modern machining services

We provide you with tailored, durable, and cost-efficient parts and subassemblies.

Product development

We are familiar with the latest possibilities in machining, and we utilize our expertise for your benefit.


Our machinery is modern and our work efficient. Our pricing is trustworthy and clear.


We provide accurate measuring records produced with a coordinate measuring machine. Please remember to request them during the ordering process.

Saat meiltä tarpeeseen räätälöidyt, kestävät ja kustannustehokkaat komponentit sekä osakokonaisuudet.


Tunnemme koneistuksen viimeisimmät mahdollisuudet, ja hyödynnämme asiantuntemustamme eduksesi.


Konekantamme on nykyaikainen ja toimintamme tehokasta. Hinnoittelumme on luotettavaa ja selkeää.


Saat meiltä mittakoneella tuotetut tarkat mittapöytäkirjat. Muistathan pyytää pöytäkirjan jo tuotteiden tilausvaiheessa.

Let’s work together

We would love to tell you more about our services and we promise to always respond to your RFQs without delay, once we have acquired all the necessary information.