With quality and reliability

With us, you buy quality, reliability, and peace of mind. Our company’s accountability, openness, and constant development serve your needs.

We will find the best solution

From the planning stage onward, our method knowledge is at your disposal: we will always find the best manufacturing solution for your product.


As our client, you get a constantly open channel for new information. You know your needs and your product’s use; we, on the other hand, understand the most up-to-date possibilities in machining. Continuously searching for something new and seeking information around the world is our passion, and our updated machinery fulfills even technically more challenging wishes.

Method development that benefits the customer is constant at our company. We look for smarter ways to work, so that we can boost our operation and offer quality products fast and reliably.

We price correctly

We price our work clearly and openly so that you know what you are paying for. We aim for reliability and benefitting the customer.


Our pricing model is pedantic, explained, and fair. We know our machines and our know-how, and we can explain precisely and with confidence what our pricing is based on. This means that the price is calculated correctly and favorably for the customer on the first time.

We actively strive towards our customers not overpaying: we give tips about the best price levels, and we develop our methods to make our operation reliable but also cost-efficient.

We deliver reliably

You get your shipment on time, according to your order, and finished. Packaging, markings, and documentation are taken care of precisely.


For our part, we make sure your operation runs smoothly. Our machines are serviced proactively to avoid breaks in production.

We know our own resources well and we calculate our production in such a way that the parts are in the customer’s production at the right time. We will always inform you immediately if there is an anomaly or a problem, which increases your company’s reliability of delivery. The more you know, the better. We minimize your risks and guarantee your peace of mind.

Modern machining services

We provide you with tailored, durable, and cost-efficient parts and subassemblies.


Our machinery is modern and our work efficient. Our pricing is trustworthy and clear.

Lapinlahden Koneistus sähköinen tilauskanava


Welding, quenching, surface finishing.


We are familiar with the latest possibilities in machining, and we utilize our expertise for your benefit.

Let's work together

We would love to tell you more about our services. You will receive a response for to your request for quotation within two business days when you send it according to our tip list.

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